We see the world is changing in front of our eyes every day and the old patterns are not working anymore. We know we will need to link production, development, design and fresh ideas to create in the future things that that don’t exist yet. But in this all, we will want to seek for higher purpose, because we know that only the pursuit of profit can be tiring.

Besides that, we would like to give our customers value through new methods. We are convinced that the best way of working is cooperation, where everyone puts in something and gains something. In addition, we enjoy working with people we can trust and where we feel we have the same blood group. We are delighted with the idea of linking drive and experience to create completely new products and services.


A vision means to us a way to move us forward. We already know we have to “experiment ourselves forward” because that’s the best way. We are motivated by the creation of a space where students, innovators, visionaries, designers, project managers, potential entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches and investors will meet and work together in a co-operative atmosphere according to the win-win principle.

We would like to work together in a modern way, organize events, design and test business models, promote good business ideas, test future technologies, and share knowledge and values. And all this backed by a strong engineering company, in partnership with dynamic consultants and under the supervision of our experienced external experts.


ŠVEC a SPOL s.r.o.

Slovak company operating in business since 1993. It focuses on mechanical engineering, design, development and service. It owns almost all technologies for the production of tools and parts made of sheet metal and machining of large weldments. It produces tools, parts and assemblies, weldments and dedicated packaging and cleaning equipment. It has its own development of ultrasound and typewriters for the blind. The company has experienced several startup experiences in the time when the word “startup” was not as modern as it is today. Working with external partners, universities and students has always been a pleasure for the company.

IPA Slovakia s.r.o.

An innovative and consulting company that started in industrial engineering and in recent years, its expertise has shifted towards the services and needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It manages projects in the area of continuous improvement, strategic innovation, process optimization and education. Based on long years of their experience and practice, they can create practical solutions for companies with measurable results.

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